I have an idea for art but I need you to create it. How long will it take?

If your design involves nothing more than generating type we can usually do that within two days. If your design requires clip art illustration or creation of a custom logo or drawing, it may take up to ten days. Printing production can only begin after we receive your approval on the art. We are happy to discuss the details of creating original art or logo designs.

Is it best to send digital or non-digital media?

We accept a wide variety of digital and non-digital formats. We prefer digital since they can be processed more quickly. The digital file format is best determined by content of your design and program which generated it, and are discussed in more detail below.

What non-digital media do you accept?

It is strongly recommended not to send us the original art. This is to prevent against any loss or damage of your work. Instead, please make a good quality color (or black and white copy as applicable) copy or photographic print. Art should be letter size (8.5 x 11 inches) or smaller. Images larger than this may incur additional time and cost to process. Sorry, We do not accept slides or photographic negatives.

Can I fax you my art?

Certainly! Due to the limitations of image quality on fax (i.e. low detail and no color), we cannot print directly from a faxed image. We are happy to re-create faxed designs, or use faxed sketches in creating new designs. Please keep in mind working from a fax would incur additional cost and time. Be sure to include your name, and phone number and/or e-mail address on your fax. Our fax number is (717) 435-8427.

What file format should I use for full-color photographs?

We encourage you to send .TIF files or native documents from Adobe Photoshop® (.psd). .JPEGs and .GIF files are also acceptable although there are certain limitations Please make sure your document is saved at the size you want it printed and that it has a resolution of 300 pixels per inch or greater.

Can I send a JPEG or GIF file of my image?

Yes, although GIF and JPEG files are best suited for viewing on computer monitors. Due to compression, these image formats can occasionally lose unexpected detail or color. Small GIFs and JPEGs are an excellent way for us to preview your document quickly.  If you are using a GIF or JPEG file as your finished artwork, please make sure that the image is made to the size that you want to print it and has a resolution of 300 pixels per inch or greater. This can sometimes lead to large image sizes, but it is entirely acceptable.

What format should I use for a simple Logo or text?

If your design consists of a few colors and crisp shapes such as text or a company logo, it is best to send them as a vector-based file format such as a native Adobe Illustrator® (.ai), CorelDraw® (.cdr). We also accept Postscript (.eps and .ps) and Adobe Acrobat® (.pdf) formats for vector art.

Can I send Macintosh files?

Yes. We mainly use Macs, but we support most cross-platform graphics files. If your document contains text, please make sure you convert your fonts to vector paths or export them in a vectorized Postscript (.eps and .ps), or Adobe Acrobat® (.pdf) formats.

My design includes a lot of text and image(s). What format should I use?

We support original documents made in Adobe Photoshop® (.psd), Adobe Illustrator® (.ai), CorelDraw® (.cdr), you are encouraged to send us the original files you used to generate these. If you have used an unusual font, please send us the PC font file or convert your fonts to vector information. If you used another program such as Quark Express®, Adobe Pagemaker®, InDesign® or Macromedia Freehand®, please export your document as a generic .EPS or . Please convert your text to vector information or send us the the PC font files in addition to your document. You can also export your document as an .EPS or Adobe Acrobat® (.pdf) format.

What graphics programs are not supported?

We can accommodate artwork made in native Quark Xpress® (.qxd), Macromedia Freehand® (.fhd) or Adobe Pagemaker® (.pgm) formats, but we do not support these file formats directly. If you have already created your document in one of these programs, we encourage you to export your design as an .EPS or an Adobe Acrobat® .PDF file. Please be sure that any bitmap images incorporated into your documents are 300 pixels per inch or greater. We apologize that programs such as Microsoft Publisher® and Microsoft Powerpoint® are not supported; but we can accommodate you by re-building your design here.

Do you accept artwork made on Microsoft Word?

Yes. We support documents made in microsoft version 8 (.docx)  formats. Since Word is not intended as pure “graphics” program, we may have to re-construct portions of your document so we can output and print it successfully. If you incorporate a Raster image in your document please make sure has a resolution of 300 dpi or greater. For best results using clip art in Microsoft word, use the vectorized .WMF images. For a complicated image, this may incur additional time and cost. If you have used an unusual font, please send us the PC font file with your artwork.

How can I send you my digital files?

You can send them as an e-mail attachment.  Our e-mail provider supports large file sizes. Alternately you can mail or deliver them to us on a CD or Zip drive. Our mailing address is 1062 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17601.

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